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[Saccha] Atlas by CaptToast
[Saccha] Atlas

                                                                                               Basic Info

➽ Name:: Atlas
➽ Gender:: Male
➽ Appears to be:: 25ish
➽ Actual age:: [??]
➽ Height:: 6'2”
➽ Organ Color:: Caribbean Blue
➽ Blood Color:: Black
➽ Relationship Status:: Single
➽ Sexuality:: Pansexual

➽ Personality:: Impatient | Kind | Charming | Distant | Active | Thrill-seeker | Brutally Honest

+ Not being exceptionally social Atlas isn't very patient with people. Not that he minds if they take a while to do something but more, he gets pissed when he is forced to repeat himself or if people flat out ignore him. Atlas makes a valiant effort to be kind and nice to people though sometimes this doesn't work out. Having been called cruel for being honest when confronted with questions, Atlas has resorted to changing the subject when he believes his answer might hurt the persons feelings, unless he believes they deserve the honest truth. Atlas has the ability to be quite charming when he wants to.

➽ Hobbies::


+Free Running


➽ Skills::

+Sleight of Hand; skill in feats requiring quick and clever hand movements, especially for entertainment or deception, such as jugglery, card or coin magic, ect.


➽ Bad Habits or Specific Traits::

+ Hums, typically when not at work, or at least when it's empty.

+ Always has to do something with his hands.

➽ History:: Atlas was never good at interacting with people. He grew up an only child with a single parent. There was not as much interaction between them as one would think there would be. Despite that, he was very close to them, and was usually able to tell them anything. However when it came to school and not being accustom to large masses of people, Atlas did not know how to deal with them. Instead he kept to himself and avoided contact with the other children. This and occasionally making mistakes on what other children deemed to be simple tasks deemed him a good target to pick on.

As his life progressed Atlas became more and more antisocial and less friendly to those around him. He did not lead a tragic existence, but his lack of social skills and trust took an ugly turn. Atlas stopped telling is parent things taking it all in on himself and eventually not talking to them at all. He began to steal, though not for personal gain. The object would usually be found else were, unopened. It wasn't that he wanted something or needed it. It was more the rush of doing the act. When things were getting bad for him and he was about to get into some serious trouble. He attempted to steal from someone who turned around and stole his heart.

They showed him a few things about people, and such that started to change is out look. On a trip to the Sugar side however this person found themselves confronted by a gummy bear and never returned to him. This is when he manned up. He decided to straighten out his life one step at a time over the course of several years. He found other ways of getting an adrenalin rush that wont get him in trouble. Atlas began working, slowly processing with jobs that required more and more social interaction. Now-a-days he is much better than he used to be, but some habits die hard.

➽ Job:: Looking
➽ Rank:: 1
➽ Extra:: TBA
➽ Theme Songs:: TBA



                                                                                                  RP Info

★ Preferred RP Style :: Script-- Paragraph
★ Method Of RP :: Notes or Skype
★ Other RP Style :: Can't really do script, but I can try.
★ Do you mind starting the RP ? :: If I can think of something sure, but it may take a moment.
★ What are you not comfortable with ? :: Walruses, jus' sayin.

➽ Sample: TBA

I plan to open commissions here shortly. I need a handful of things to draw for examples. I need full body and busts, some flat colored and some line art. I get to choose who gets what, on the bases that this is free. Please understand that everyone who comments will not get one. This is not a first come first serve bases. I will do as many as I can, and I may come back to this list later for random gifts. If/when that happens I will look into the character you requested to find any changes you may have made. You may submit more than one character separate from each other I am not doing couples right now. If you are interested please leave a comment below with the following:

★ Who this is for:
★ Character Reference(s):
★ Bust Pose:
★ Full Body Pose:(For best results, come with an anatomical STOCK reference.)
★ Expression:
★ Extra:

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